Duke Fortuity Synopsis
  • Seamless Customer Onboarding
  • Flexible Subscription Plans
  • Widened Search Options
  • Easy Report Generation
  • Watchlist Monitoring
  • Customer Due Diligence
Integrated via APIs
KYC Data
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Duke Fortuity Features
Why Duke Fortuity
Powered by Blockchain

We strongly believe Blockchain is the ideal solution for storing and securing KYC data as it decentralizes trust, enforces transparency and opens opportunity to make the data more credible and reliable. We propose an ecosystem model that aligns financial services with emerging customer needs and preferences like convenience, community, equality, transparency and sustainability. These needs can be achieved through Blockchain technology with its embedded characteristics. Furthermore, there is a strong possibility of wider adoption of Blockchain technology wherein data sources can become independent nodes to our decentralized KYC Platform, enhancing authenticity of each search result and hence improving customer satisfaction.

Trustworthy Global Databases

KYC Blockchain systems enable transparency and immutability that allow financial institutions to validate the trustworthiness of data present in the DLT platform. Our data reliability and resilience is top-notch, and we partner with globally proclaimed trustworthy data providers. Along with R3 Corda Platform connectivity, we ensure full trust and traceability.

Cost Efficient

We count only unique name searches and above all we cater subscription plans that range from Silver to Platinum. We cater to customer needs effectively in a wide array of segments. The decentralized KYC process acts as a streamlined way for gaining secure and swift access to up-todate user data. This lowers the labor-intensive efforts that an institution puts behind gathering information.

Advanced Search Efficiency

The digital processes involved in sharing user information on a permissioned network can massively lower the effort and time needed in the early stages of KYC. This, in turn, expedites the customer onboarding time and lowers the regulatory and compliance expenses.

User Friendly Interface

We prioritize state of the art, easy to use interfaces for our customers which is quite easy to understand and act upon. We have a web user interface that allows for privacy-friendly, fast and easy to use communication with parties that are part of the KYC process. Our intuitive web-based platform supports different languages and is easy to access and operate.

Privacy Standards Compliant

Security is of utmost importance for our platform.We have ensured that our platform follows all regulatory standards respective of geographies we operate in. Our Blockchain system offers efficient data security since the data can only be accessed after permission has been given by the users, thus eliminating instances of unauthorized access.