About Duke Fortuity

Trusted digital identities for individuals and corporates are a foundational public good that supports the development of inclusive digital financial services including payments as well as other transactions in the broader digital economy.

Having acknowledged the above statement, Promenant International developed Duke Fortuity, a decentralized KYC platform.

Duke Fortuity is an eKYC platform underlying R3 Corda platform which is one of the most prominent DLT platform. Our platform is envisioned to enable KYC services with which Individuals & entities can secure & authenticate relevant credentials which can further be shared to relevant authorities in multiple reporting formats meeting regulatory standards of stipulated authorities.

Our platform unlike what exists in Market, in centralized form, clearly differentiates itself by the usage of decentralized Blockchain concepts underlying & enabling authenticity by the inclusion of mechanisms to prove data source authenticity. KYC is currently mandatory process in almost all industries such as banking and finance, telecommunication, travel and accommodation.